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The Sports Entertainment Technology Group at RBC Wealth Management assists clients in accomplishing their financial and investment goals. Our client-centric approach is the bedrock of a mutually successful and rewarding relationship. Fundamental to the Sports Entertainment Technology Group’s business philosophy is the idea that the more knowledge and transparent understanding our clients have, the more likely they are to make well thought out investment decisions.

The pursuit for knowledge and understanding is a continuous endeavor. With the strictest confidentiality, we conduct a structured process of interviews and research with our clients. The knowledge gained from this interaction forms the critical foundation of setting financial and business objectives, investment strategies and processes designed to directly target our client’s objectives.

We provide advice and asset management to our clients. Investment of client funds is based upon risk assessment, stated goals, objectives and timeframes. The Sports Entertainment Technology Group develops strategies to preserve wealth, and provide appropriate investment growth and income.

Comprehensive wealth management consists of holistic financial planning and integrated investment management. It is a complex process that involves conducting an extensive consultation of both business and personal financial goals. Once establishing these objectives we analyze the data and develop tactics and strategies to meet stated objectives. The next step is to implement the plan and review performance, making changes when necessary.

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