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The Steeplechase Wealth Consulting Group is committed to assisting athletes by taking care of the burden of their financial affairs, so they can focus on their professional careers. Our approach looks at the unique circumstances that affect athletes and the decisions they must make throughout each phase of their careers.

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Advising NHL players gives Royal Bank a cross-border advantage

Trevor Johnson and the Steeplechase Wealth Consulting Group have been serving Professional Athletes for over 15 years, helping to provide them with ongoing financial education and providing continuous learning opportunities and on-demand support at all career stages. Learn more about how RBC and Trevor worked with long time client, John-Michael Liles, from the beginning of his NHL career to and through retirement in this Bloomberg interview.

We can help you reach your financial goals

Your financial coach
Just as a great coach can make all the difference to your success in the game, a great financial partner can make a world of difference to your success outside of it. That’s where we come in. Our team understands the unique needs of professional athletes, and how to build the foundation for a truly successful life, not just a successful career. Professional athletes face distinct financial challenges, including complex taxation issues and an income that is seasonal. A sound financial plan can help reduce risk and prepare you for a long career off the ice.

A team of professionals
Our sports professionals team includes financial advisors and home office specialists in key markets around the globe. Collectively, they provide personalized, thoughtful strategies that incorporate cash flow management, cross-border tax solutions, investment management, estate and retirement planning. Our team works with hundreds of professional athletes, coaches and front office executives. We’ve been meeting the needs of sports professionals since 1989, and our team is backed by RBC’s full range of domestic and international expertise. Our goal is to ensure your financial success, by helping you and your family enjoy your wealth today and plan for your financial stability in the future.

Focused on your game plan
We know you don’t have time to deal with multiple advisors. You and your family will benefit from a personal, one-on-one relationship with a seasoned advisor who will manage all aspects of your financial picture, either directly or with the help of other RBC professionals. Your advisor can also work with your agent and other professional advisors when necessary to ensure all your financial bases are covered. We take pride in our exceptional service — whether you’re playing at home, on the road or enjoying some vacation time, your advisor is available whenever your needs dictate.

How we can help
Think of us as your financial coach. Through our comprehensive wealth management approach, we create a personalized plan that addresses your complete financial picture, allowing you to spend less time worrying about your financial life and more time concentrating on your career. We understand the stress and responsibility that can accompany wealth. Our services are designed to help professional athletes reduce these pressures and simplify their lives.

Steeplechase WCG Multi-touchpoint Education Model: 3 Pillars

Our objective is to develop opportunities for continuous, multi-touchpoint education throughout the season, customized for any career stage and individual areas of interest.

1. Financial Literacy: Building Your Brand

  • Importance of establishing good financial habits & of a financial plan to ensure longevity of earnings
  • Overview of topics such as budgeting & cash flow, tax obligations, getting comfortable saying “no,” etc.
  • Preparing & planning for significant life changes
  • Understanding sources of financial stress (eg. preparing for a potential lockout)
  • How to build a trusted team (inc. agent, lawyer, financial advisor, etc)

2. Post-Career Planning: Defining & Preserving Your Legacy

  • Positioning individuals for sustained success in sport & beyond
  • Cultivating an identity outside of the game & working to identify interests
  • Importance of building a network & networking effectively
  • Identifying opportunities to maintain brand relevance
  • Identifying skills & attributes of professional athletes that are transferrable to the corporate world (eg: dedication, ability to perform under pressure, etc)

3. Strategic Philanthropy: Leaving a Legacy

  • How to optimize giving strategies & compare different options for giving (eg: when is a family foundation the best fit)
  • Learning to get involved before writing a check
  • How to map out & plan for the legacy you wish to leave
  • Recognizing personal & professional benefits of getting involved in the community
  • Discovering opportunities within your current team or league
  • Evaluating requests for support & assessing risks

The next steps to a successful career 

If you, your family, or your agent would like to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or direct dial at 484-530-2852. 

The importance of wealth planning

Long time RBC client John Michael-Liles, NHL Analyst and Former NHL Player, sits down with his agent, Joe Resnick. President of Top Shelf Sports Management, to discuss the importance of building the right financial team and lessons learned for the next generation. 

We can help you navigate the following challenges and opportunities:
  • Financial management of your signing bonus
  • Cash flow management, two-way contracts and a seasonal income stream
  • Funding a potential retirement of 50+ years
  • Cross border tax planning (Canada, U.S. & elsewhere)
  • Cross border property, frequent relocation and foreign exchange issues
  • Protect your family’s future through risk and estate planning
  • Creating a charitable giving plan