Wealth management approach

Stu Smith knows what helps give investors peace of mind. That’s why he looks out for their best interests and educates them about the nature of the securities in which they are investing and the likely response those securities will have under different market conditions. It is why he gets to know his clients, helps focus them on avoiding costly mistakes down the road, and why he works with them, individually, to tailor a portfolio to meet their specific needs and objectives.

Stu prides himself above all else on being honorable, diligent, competent and accessible. Working in this manner, Stu has built strong relationships with his clients, many of whom refer him to other family members and close friends. “The ultimate compliment is a referral, and I am well aware of the implications that go along with each and every one of them” says Stu. He adds, “Building long-term relationships is what it is all about.” Stu understands that the true testament to a person’s character is how they respond not only in good times but more importantly, in tough times. “Bottom line, these are the attributes that I would look for in a trusted advisor and my clients deserve nothing less”.