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Your time is valuable. While you may want to make your own portfolio management decisions, you may be too busy to know every detail about individual securities and evaluate all the pros and cons regarding whether to buy, sell or hold. Our goal is to help manage your wealth to its full potential through an array of strategic, integrated advisory programs customized to meet your financial objectives and aspirations.

  • Are you seeking more personalized financial guidance and a hands-on approach to managing your investments? 
  • Are you looking for trusted professional advice on portfolio management? 
  • Are you wanting insights, education, and updates on market trends? 
  • Do you prefer to pay a consistent annual fee quarterly rather than paying commissions for each trade?

Let's dive into why advisory services is for you.

Benefits of advisory



Our qualifications include demonstrating personal integrity, superior client service, knowledge and experience to carefully evaluate the investment opportunities and ideas available to suit your need.


Portfolio management

We take the time to understnad your goals, investment preferences, time horizon, risk tolerance and liquidity needs to create and maintain a portfolio that is customized for you.


Timely investment decisions

We evaluate your portfolio to see that it is aligned with your goals. If changes need to be made, or if new opportunities present themselves, we will be ready to act quickly on your behalf.


The resources of RBC Wealth Management

As one of the country's largest full-service securities firms, we offer world-class research and wealth management capabilities. Plus, we have access to professionals in estate planning services, retirement planning, insurance, college/education financing and small-business needs.


Client-first philosophy

Our clients come first and we act in the best interest of you when providing investment advice.

Advice fee

You pay a fee for advice, which is based on the amount of your assets under management. The investment management advice is ongoing and transaction fees are included in  fees assessed annually.

When working with us in an advisory capacity, your:

  • Trade execution costs are included
  • Standard Account, IRA and RBC Cash Management Account charges are waived
  • Custody and safekeeping of securities costs are included
  • Wealth management strategies, education, monitoring and account management services are provided as part of the comprehensive charge

At RBC Wealth Management, you come first. We are committed to learning about your unique financial goals and implementing personalize investment solutions to suit your desired level of involvement in the management of your investments.

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