Help diversify your portfolio, manage volatility and pursue enhanced returns with more complex investment strategies

If you’re a sophisticated investor, you may be looking for ways to enhance your long-term financial health throughout periods of economic expansion, downturn and recovery. 

At RBC Wealth Management, we find that alternative investments may offer unique building blocks to help support traditional portfolios — offering new potential sources of income and additional opportunities to grow your wealth.

Alternative investments seek to provide equity, credit and real asset exposure that differs from traditional investment portfolios. Often they access private markets by investing in securities that are not publicly traded, which may offer less liquidity to you as an investor, but in turn can provide diversified exposures.

Since alternative investments are able to access different parts of the market, they may complement our traditional investments, advisory and wealth planning solutions.

Our alternative investment platform

RBC Wealth Management offers a curated and differentiated inventory of alternative investment vehicles that target various risk, return and income characteristics. To better understand each product, we evaluate the market backdrop, investment expertise and execution, as well as product features, such as investor eligibility requirements.

We work with you to help confirm that funds are aligned with your short- and long-term wealth needs and goals, time horizon, risk profile and liquidity requirements. Our full spectrum of strategies includes more than 150 funds, cumulatively, with 30 to 40 funds open at any given time, offering exposure to private equity, private credit, real assets and hedge funds.

Alternative investments

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Private equity


Growth / buyout


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Private credit

Direct lending


Distressed & special situations

Real assets

Real assets

Real estate



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Hedge funds

Long/short equity

Long/short credit


Our alternative investment due diligence process

Due to the complex nature of alternative investments, we have developed a rigorous selection and review process. Our Global Manager Research Team — responsible for $250 billion in assets globally — conducts investment and operational due diligence culminating in evaluation by our Investment Committee prior to making alternative investment fund options available. 

We select our funds from a range of third-party managers and of the hundreds who reach out each year, only a select few are considered for our platform. To provide you with transparency into fund performance, we offer a digitally-enabled investment interface coupled with robust ongoing reporting.

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