Prepare today for possible long-term care expenses

No one wants to think about being debilitated by a health problem later in life. If you are concerned about increasing health care costs, now may be the time to consider long-term care insurance.

Escalating costs

Expenses for health care can add up quickly. Long-term care insurance may be practical to consider to help protect your wealth. In-home care costs for 2024 are anticipated to be $5,417 monthly and nursing home costs are expected to be $8,641 monthly, according to Genworth Cost of Care Survey1.

Self-insuring is an option, but it comes with challenges:

  • Potential to become a financial burden on loved ones
  • Diverting assets from retirement income or your legacy

Insurance options

One solution for covering long-term care expenses is a life insurance policy, with a long-term care rider. It offers flexibility, convenience and value while allowing you to protect and transfer wealth to the people you care about.

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