Core values

  • Working with Clients — We develop and nurture long-term, senior-level relationships with our individual and corporate clients. We are client-centric. When our clients succeed, we succeed.
  • Heritage — Our heritage blends time-proven approaches with what works today.
  • People/Culture — Ours is a people-oriented culture. We celebrate the individual while emphasizing teamwork.
  • Conduct — We are deeply aware of the importance of our conduct to our clients, employees and the public. Above all, we must earn and maintain their trustand confidence.
  • Integrity — We offer original, trustworthy and independent advice. We work solely for our clients. Confidentiality is our watchword.

Investment philosophy

  • The cornerstone of our investment philosophy is to preserve capital and to reduce risk.
  • Our philosophy is based upon a well diversified portfolio.
  • Our philosophy invests for years, even decades, not for next week or next quarter.
  • We will utilize investment capital for alternative investments.
  • We aim for a total return which includes growth and income.
  • We acknowledge mistakes, bad calls and misjudgments without defensiveness.

Investment procedure

Step 1:
Become familiar with you, your situation and investment personality. We learn about you.
Step 2:
Utilize all we have learned about you in developing your investment profile and strategy.
Step 3:
Analyze and select suitable investment options.
Step 4:
Deploy assets, based upon our mutually agreed upon assessment of your unique circumstances, in a manner that may have a high probability of attaining your goals.
Step 5:
Review progress and make appropriate adjustments, based on changes in your needs and goals.
This is a continuous, client-involved process. We review changes in your RBC portfolio and your life, and then make suggestions in response to these changes. Communication with you is critical to the success of our relationship.