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As multi-generational wealth managers, over the past 30+ years we have experienced so many changes that have affected the markets and our lives. However at our core one thing has remained constant, our role as stewards of our clients' hard earned wealth.

Our team has been focused on designing and maintaining custom tailored strategies based on our client’s specific goals. Over the years we have been aided by many new technological enhancements that allow us to improve upon this offering. By working closely with our team and the tremendous resources at our disposal we are able to build strategies that have weathered varying market conditions. As a testament to our work we have been fortunate in several cases to manage and transfer wealth across four generations. We hold these relationships as very dear and care deeply about our clientele.

As our clients' Financial Advisors, we work very hard to ascertain each individual’s specific needs and concerns. By building a dynamic inventory of their assets and liabilities we are able to tailor a portfolio specified to their situation. We then review, adjust and test the model whenever a major life decision needs to be made. By staying ahead of this rapidly changing world we live in we are able to provide clear and ongoing communications to our clients.

We work hard to be “translators” of the vast amounts of information that our clients are bombarded with daily. Our team focuses on distilling all of the information down to what is necessary and helping to block out the noise.

As a team we strive to give our clientele peace of mind so that they may enjoy their families and their lives with less worry.

Proud of our nationally recognized advisor

RBC Wealth Management is pleased to announce that Gregg Auerbach, Senior Vice President – Financial Advisor, Senior Consulting Group, has earned the Certified Portfolio Manager (CPM®) title from the Academy of Certified Portfolio Managers (ACPM). Gregg completed the CPM® program, which included extensive coursework and examination, followed by a five-day seminar at Columbia University led by internationally recognized professors. Gregg is among over 350 individuals who attained this certification, establishing himself as a forerunner in portfolio management. Congratulations Gregg!

Global Insight 2024 Midyear Outlook

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