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The Cirque Invest Group, established in 2015, is wealth management and financial advisory group based in Denver, CO.  The Cirque Investment Group utilizes more than 40 years of investment and financial planning experience to co-create customized and tailored wealth solutions for your individual circumstances, needs and aspirations.

We define wealth management as an investment advisory discipline, which incorporates financial planning and investment portfolio management with a complex mix of aggregate financial services and advice.

We hand pick and use non proprietary, transparent and marketable investments to give our clients the best options to achieve their financial goals.  We use a combination of stocks, mutual funds, exchange traded funds and cash alternatives to construct your risk based portfolios.




Working with The Cirque Investment Group

We help our client's answer their number one question:

Can I do what I want to do, with the assets and money that I have?

We take an in-depth planning approach.  We start with a discussion that helps us discover your financial goals and aspirations, and we work together to create the next chapters in your financial life by exploring and getting to know your risk tolerance, financial comfort level, concerns and dreams.


  • Comprehensive                                 
  • Retirement income
  • Cash flow management
  • Educational funding
  • Legacy transfer
  • Insurance review


  • Portfolio management
  • Asset allocation
  • Portfolio rebalancing
  • External manager selection
  • Portfolio diversification


  • Philanthropic planning
  • Charitable giving

Family Continuity

  • Foundation management
  • Client education
  • Gifting to children/ descendants








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As COVID-19 uncertainties continue, we examine revised GDP outlooks for the U.S., Canada, the EU, and China, and discuss portfolio positioning.

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