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As investment professionals, our practice is structured to help our clients achieve their financial goals through wealth planning and thoughtful investment management that adheres to their ethical beliefs. We are focused on helping grow and preserve the long-term, permanent capital of nonprofit organizations and private clients, with a focus on animal welfare, environmental, and socially-conscious investments. Our team’s goal is to provide customized investment plans that align with our clients’ ethical belief systems and help achieve both their financial and social goals. Our team creates diversified portfolios that help clients focus on tax-considerate income streams. We leverage RBC’s global resources, establishing a relationship to develop customizable solutions to address estate planning, insurance, and lending needs. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships based on integrity, trust and respect. In working with us, you will find that the breadth and depth of the services we offer, when combined with personal care and attention, fosters a trusting relationship that extends beyond the investment portfolio and can span generations.

Our values are at the core of every choice we make. Making decisions with greater purpose helps the world become a better place for everyone, which is why so many people are choosing to let their beliefs guide the way they invest.

Like many of our clients, we’re focused on community involvement, animal welfare and environmental responsibility as a way to support both current and future generations. To help you create positive social and environmental impact, we offer several ways for you to invest that can align with your values.

Proud to work with nationally recognized teammates

At The Comprehensive Impact Investment Group, we are incredibly proud that our Financial Advisors, Liza McCartney and Dustin Poretskin are recipients of the following prestigious awards: 

Lisa McCartney

  • 2019, 2020 - Working Mother’s Top Wealth Advisor Moms list

Dustin Poretskin

  • 2018, 2019 - Forbes/SHOOK Next Generation Best-in-State

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At RBC Wealth Management, we’re proud to be one of the largest full-service securities firms in the nation. There are thousands of investment firms to choose from out there, but investors pick us because we offer a comprehensive approach to wealth management and world-class investment solutions. Moreover, we have a reputation for integrity, independence and reliability that allows you peace of mind.

The best returns are more than financial

At RBC Wealth Management, we know what’s important to you—the success of your family, personal aspirations and the legacy you want to leave to the world. See how we can help you grow more than wealth.

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