Estate planning

Will your legacy unfold according to your wishes, and in a tax-efficient manner?

After decades of hard work, many of our clients find themselves in the position of considering these all-important questions. We’ve found that many of our clients have led such busy lives that they haven’t taken the time to adequately think about and prepare for their legacy. That’s why we discuss your estate plan and legacy as part of the financial planning process.

Some of the topics we’ll ask you about as part of your financial plan include:

  • Wills
  • Trusts and Trust accounts
  • Power of attorney
  • Account beneficiaries
  • Joint accounts
  • Beneficiary accounts
  • Transfer on death designation
  • Gifting assets

We refer our clients to a trusted group of CPAs and estate planning attorneys, and work with those professionals to help ensure that your legacy proceeds according to your wishes, and in an organized and tax-efficient manner.