Frequently asked questions

How can I open an account?

There are a couple of ways to get started! Many clients choose to go through our Group’s comprehensive financial planning process and choose to consolidate all of their financial assets with our Group, while others begin by investing on a smaller scale. We formed The Crescent Group to help investors make better decisions with their money, so either way, we are ready to begin working with you. Simply call 214-775-6401 or email and we will help guide you through the process that makes the most sense for you.

What is your investment minimum?

Our clients range from retirees with multiple millions living off their savings, to young professionals with modest sums who save money and add to their investments on a regular basis, to corporations and non-profit institutions with sizable sums to invest, and everything in between. For this reason, we have no set minimum to invest with us. For accounts below $100,000, we typically take on clients who show a willingness to save and invest over time to succeed with their financial plan.

What separates you from other financial advisors?

Institutional investment management experience

The financial planning industry is arguably one of the most difficult industries for consumers to navigate. The existence of endless product offerings, self-proclaimed experts with differing views, and up-to-the-minute media coverage make it extremely difficult for the consumer to make the right purchase decision. Unfortunately, this often leads the consumer to invest in products or strategies they don’t understand. The Crescent Group holds it as our priority to protect our clients from ending up in this type of situation.

Our Group has institutional investment management experience, including mergers & acquisitions, capital markets, and institutional asset management experience at some of the world’s most renowned financial firms.

This allows us to have a tremendous amount of conviction when advising clients. In addition, we are able to clearly explain our investment process to our clients, promoting greater client understanding and overall transparency.

Experience and confidence to advise our clients with conviction

Statistics show that individual investors often let their emotions get the best of them. According to a 2014 release of Dalbar's Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior (QAIB), the average investor in a blend of equity and fixed-income mutual funds had garnered only a 1.9% net annualized rate of return for the 30-year time period ending Dec. 31, 2013. Part of the blame lies with the investor, but you certainly have to question the contribution by investment advisors as well. The right investment decision is often counterintuitive and runs against what feels right emotionally. Utilizing our institutional investment management experience, we focus on making the right decisions on behalf of our clients, and take the time to explain to them why they should or shouldn’t do something.

Our investment approach helps protect against overvalued markets

One of our Group’s primary focuses is to prevent our clients from investing in inflated markets. The losses stemming from the dot com bubble and the financial crisis still loom large in many investors’ minds and investment accounts.

In our view, it’s impossible to value the stock market as a whole, and thus impossible to consistently protect yourself from buying when markets are overvalued. For example, the Dow Jones Index was flat from 1964 to 1981, and the S&P 500 Index was flat from 2000 to 2013.

While it’s not possible to place a valuation on the entire stock market, we can do so with individual companies, and thus help to succeed at investing at reasonable prices, and protect against overpaying.

We invest client assets according to the same principles we use to invest our personal assets

The majority of our Group’s founders’ personal assets are invested in the same investments our clients own. Therefore, our interests are aligned with our clients in a unique way.

What does being a fiduciary mean?

Within RBC Wealth Managements’ Portfolio Focus program, The Crescent Group has a legal responsibility to act as a fiduciary on its clients’ behalf. This means that all investment decisions our advisors make on behalf of a client must be in the client’s best interest.

What is a fee-only financial advisor?

Within RBC Wealth Management’s Portfolio Focus program, The Crescent Group charges our clients a flat fee for the services we provide. The flat fee takes the form of a flat percentage of a client’s assets under management with our Group. This differs from advisors who charge commissions for trades or sales of investment products to a client.

We charge a flat percentage of client assets in order to more closely align our interests with our clients’ interests. Because we charge a flat percentage of a client’s assets, we get paid the same amount, regardless of the number of changes we make to a client’s investments. Thus, we only have an incentive to make a change if it’s in the client’s best financial interest to do so.