Strategic alliances

As part of our holistic wealth management process, we often refer clients to trusted professionals who add substantial depth to a client’s wealth management strategy. We then integrate those external strategies with the client’s total wealth strategy developed by The Crescent Group. In certain circumstances, we may attend external advisor meetings with our clients in order to ensure comprehensive integration of the client’s total wealth strategy.

Some of the external advisors we work with include:

  • Tax: accountants, CPAs, and attorneys who help ensure that our clients follow the most efficient tax strategy possible

  • Estate Planning: we refer our clients to a trusted network of estate planning attorneys who help our clients develop an estate plan and Trust strategy tailored to their individual circumstances

  • Mergers and Acquisitions: for our business owner clients considering their options for monetizing the value of their business, we work with a select group of mergers and acquisitions advisors who explain and execute the various monetization strategies available to our clients