8 ways you generate return - not just on your investment, but by choosing us

1. A financial plan and a life plan - customized for you:

We integrate portfolio management with financial planning at the start so you have clearly defined goals against which to measure performance. We review all aspects of your financial life including estate and tax planning, charitable planning, planning for health care costs, and insurance planning, in addition to our investment management services.

2. Creating a portfolio that looks to the future:

The future matters. Our investment decisions look to the future state of the market, as well as risk and return.

3. Cost-effective and tax-efficient implementation

You want to maximize return. We think hard about removing costs and weighing taxes. We deliberately select low turnover strategies in taxable portfolios to help maximize returns.

4. Tax management/tax loss harvesting:

We manage the tax consequences of execution and portfolio management to lower total costs while harvesting losses, when available, to use against future portfolio gains.

5. Portfolio rebalancing

We can help optimize returns and reduce costs while taking on no additional risks, particularly in tax-deferred accounts. 

6. Spending strategies/withdrawals

When and how should you draw from Social Security? This one decision can increase SS returns by up to 30%. Planning which accounts to tap from each month to "recreate a paycheck" also enhances returns--how much to tax from taxable vs tax-free accounts without pushing into a higher tax bracket.

7. Managing concentrated stock positions

Illustrating strategies to both hedge risk and tax-efficiently reduce concentrated portfolio risk over time

8. Constant monitoring/updates

We review and adjust your portfolio as needed, depending on changing circumstances and the markets.