How we serve institutional investors

For over 40 years we have provided independent and customized advice to a wide variety of institutional organizations, including non-profits, foundations, endowments, trade associations, Union Taft Hartley plans, faith-based groups and educational organizations. Our relationship with these organizations is firmly rooted in following best practices and utilizing an open architecture platform to provide customized solutions. Our experience and the strength of our relationships has been recognized by national publications such as Forbes, Barron’s, and Financial Times.

We understand that money is more than just dollars in a bank account, and that your organization worked hard to achieve financial stability. We work closely with your executive team, board of directors and investment committee to help you and your organization develop, implement and monitor a prudent investment process that both furthers your organization's goals and also reflects your organization’s risk profile, liquidity needs and values.

Key components of our hands-on approach

Offering the personalized service of a smaller boutique firm, but with the global resources of RBC Wealth Management, our institutional consulting services include:

  • Meeting with you to gain an understanding of your organization’s specific needs, goals and risk tolerances. We are passionate about helping your organization improve the lives of others. Your goals will be at the center of your personalized investment plan.
  • Creating and updating an Investment Policy Statement. This document is unique to your organization, and will guide the portfolio asset allocation and investments.
  • Rigorously reviewing and selecting investments for your portfolio. As organizations operate with a long-term view, The Etergino Group takes a long-term, disciplined and strategic approach to investing. We have applied this investment philosophy consistently and successfully for decades.
  • Conducting periodic and comprehensive portfolio reviews. Reviewing your portfolio together is in addition to providing regular detailed monthly reports, anytime online access to your account, audit & tax statements, and other reporting support.

Aligning investing with vision and mission

Many organizations seek guidance on how to balance two equally important goals: maximizing the return of their investment portfolio and maximizing progress toward their mission. We believe that a thoughtful and customized investment approach can unite these two objectives, thereby helping organizations achieve both their financial and mission-related goals.

The Etergino Group’s philosophy of “Connecting Wealth with Purpose” goes hand-in-hand with aligning an organization’s investments with its values and mission. In addition, The Etergino Group has a longstanding history of working with clients to pursue their financial goals while reflecting their values in the portfolio. We know that purpose and profit can go hand-in-hand, and result in a win-win for your organization.

We take great pride in the relationships we have built with institutional investors, and the customized investment portfolios we have designed that aim to maximize risk-adjusted returns while also selecting investments that are aligned with the client’s specific values and mission.

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