What makes us different?

We recognize and care deeply about what is unique about each of our clients, for none of our clients' financial pictures are the same. We understand and address our clients' most fundamental concerns and ensure they remain at the forefront of every conversation. Most of our clients don’t care about every market gyration but do care greatly about whether they are on track to meet their goals. We take the same approach. We love what we do and take great pride in our wealth planning and management services that help clients secure the lives they wish to lead.

Why work with us?

We tick all the boxes: experience, expertise, integrity combined with fiduciary best practices, and a service-oriented approach. Ann Marie Etergino, the founder and leader of The Etergino Group, is an award-winning advisor with more than 35 years in the business, having been recognized as a top advisor by leading financial publications such as Barron's, The Financial Times, and Forbes. We operate on a fee-centric basis so that our interests are fully aligned with our clients' and to remove any perceived or potential conflicts of interest. We listen and respond to every need. Most importantly, you will not find a team that cares more about its clients.

The client experience

We always follow the golden rule--treating our clients the way we would want to be treated. It is why clients stay with us for life, send their children to us, and refer their friends and business associates to us. We forge deep, long-term relationships with clients built on trust and transparency. Appreciating that discussing finances is a very personal matter and can be a source of stress for many people, we do everything possible to put clients at ease, creating a friendly and comfortable environment where each client feels not only heard but also understood. Furthermore, we connect and engage with every client, down to the youngest generation, not just through phone calls and meetings but through frequent educational seminars and recreational events throughout the year.

How we operate

We design and implement holistic wealth plans that are customized for each client. Our clients’ financial success is deeply personal to us and knowing we are making a difference along with the pleasure of working with our clients' families and friends is deeply satisfying to us. We carefully limit the number of clients we work with to those families who value our long-term, collaborative, and comprehensive approach. We also are particularly sensitive to the concerns of women and are committed to empowering all of our clients to make informed decisions that preserve and enhance their financial well-being.

Investing for racial diversity

Confident woman looking directly at camera

The Etergino Group has worked with clients to specifically address racial inclusion and diversity by investing with women- and minority-owned asset managers. Read more >