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The Evans Group has the distinct honor of working with a select group of individuals, families, and institutions throughout the country. At the heart of our practice is a firm commitment to cultivate a life-long relationship with our clients and their families. These relationships are built on a foundation of client trust and satisfaction; with thoughtful consideration of the family’s core values, vision, and legacy they wish to leave behind. We believe, our team makes a tangible difference in our clients’ lives as exceptional stewards of their wealth, and a powerful “force for good” for their family.

Contrary to one of today’s popular approaches, we do not employ an asset allocation philosophy. We feel we are unique in our execution of a planning approach that revolves around securing an income stream first, and helping see it cannot be outlived. We believe that the ultimate objective of every investment portfolio, either today or at some point in the future, is to provide cash flow for critical capital needs. These needs can include monthly expenses, health care costs, estate taxes, principal payments, and often the support of other investments.

This approach focuses on the eventual purpose of most investment strategies and allows us to provide simple solutions for complex clients. We separate the growth and income components immediately. The client's income portfolio is utilized to meet the their lifestyle and critical cash flow needs; while their growth portfolio defends purchasing power and provides flexibility for pursuing the goals of tomorrow. Ultimately, this assists in simplifying their lives and helps provide peace of mind.

Definition: Asset allocation is an investment strategy that seeks to combine various asset classes such as domestic and foreign stocks, bonds, and cash in a way that attempts to match portfolio-level risk with the stated risk tolerance of a given investor — with risk defined as the variability of returns over time (i.e., volatility)*.

*Source: Fidelity Advisors

Our approach differs from asset allocation as we take issue with the word “attempt”. What we do is assist our clients in implementing a plan with the goal of providing an income for today and protection and growth of family wealth for tomorrow.

Our process:

  • Meet with clients and their Advisors, to determine their objectives for both today and the future. Advisors include for example: CPA, Estate Attorney, Family Office Advisors.
  • Take time to familiarize ourselves with the entities such as trusts, partnerships, corporations involved in each unique client situation.
  • Determine the requirements and timelines for both current liquidity needs and long-term cash flow needs.
  • Develop and implement a plan to help meet these requirements focusing on generating the needed income first while allowing the remainder to grow uninhibited for future goals.
  • Review and adjust your RBC plan dynamically as changes occur both in the client’s life and macroeconomic environment.

What you can expect from us:

  • A commitment to building the long-term relationship it takes to understand your family’s vision.
  • A simple and conservative process that answers the most immediate or pressing questions our clients have.
  • Full disclosure around fees, expenses, upside and risk to any recommendation.
  • A commitment to work with your other advisors and professionals to provide a level of service that is responsive to your needs.
  • A process that focuses on maximizing the impact of a client’s financial success and a dynamic approach that evolves with you and your family.

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