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Consulting services for retirement plans

The Feinman Investment Group can provide employers with a wide range of Consulting Services for Retirement Plans. Our services include plan design, provider search and appraisal, investment policy statement and review, investment selection and monitoring, and participant education. Please feel free to contact us if you are looking to create a new retirement plan or upgrade an existing one.

Retirement Plan Update newsletter

This Newsletter provides basic information about retirement planning concepts, products, and services for retirement plan participants.

Glossary of investment-related terms for retirement plan participants

The Investment Company Institute is an industry association of mutual funds and unit investment trusts that seeks, among other things, to promote public understanding of retirement plans. Please check out this Sample Glossary of Investment Terms on the ICI website.

Links to U.S. Government websites that provide important information for retirement plan fiduciaries, participants, and beneficiaries

ERISA – The Employee Retirement Income Security Act establishes minimum disclosure and conduct standards for retirement plan fiduciaries.

PBDG – An Agency of the U.S. Government, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, provides for timely and uninterrupted payments to certain participants of failed pension plans.

DOL – The U.S. Department of Labor oversees almost every aspect of labor laws, which includes retirement plan benefits. Employers are urged to check out this DOL Fee Disclosure Bulletin.

IRS – The Internal Revenue Service has a number of informative Videos for employers and retirement plan participants.

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