Advisory Investment Philosophy

  • Solid investment planning starts by looking at the whole picture.
  • Each client has unique goals and financial circumstances, and is treated on an individual basis.
  • Investment recommendations are based solely on what’s best for the client.
  • Clients deserve superior service and regular, proactive communication from their financial advisors.
  • Above all, we believe in, and abide by, high ethical standards in all aspects of our business.

Investment Process

We use a four-step process to help clarify your goals and develop strategies to help achieve your objectives. We believe that individuals benefit most when they follow a disciplined investment process. We will assist you in implementing a comprehensive plan aimed at increasing the likelihood of achieving your long-term financial goals.

Step 1: Portfolio Analysis and Goal Setting

We believe the formulation of realistic investment objectives combined with the flexibility to make mid-course adjustments will, in the long run, assist you in meeting your goals. Our job is to make sure a reasonable plan is set forth. We accomplish this by sitting down with you to gain an understanding of specific needs, goals, and risk tolerances. We analyze your current portfolio and develop a series of portfolio objectives. The objectives are reviewed annually giving consideration to the economic climate and any change in your specific goals and risk tolerances. The investment analysis process is a continuous cycle. The secret to truly “adding value” to your portfolio begins with gaining a complete understanding of your unique needs and objectives.

Step 2: Investment Plan and Allocation

We believe that a disciplined methodology is essential in creating an effective investment plan and in implementing an efficient asset allocation strategy. We employ a dynamic process that starts by evaluating your specific expectations and objectives for your portfolio. After a thorough examination, we assist you in developing a reasonable investment plan to help achieve your goals. Based on the results of our initial meeting, we will work with you to implement an asset allocation plan tailored to your specific parameters. This goal-oriented process takes into account your needs, and also helps determine the impact on your portfolio’s total rate of return of various asset mixes consistent with your objectives. Our goal is to optimize your expected returns while minimizing the overall portfolio volatility.

Step 3: Investment Evaluation and Implementation

Once we have developed an asset allocation model, we then begin to implement the investment plan. The process of investment search, selection, and due diligence is the result of an interplay of qualitative and quantitative factors. This process is driven by your need for a specific type of investment product or device. After identifying the type of investment we are looking for, our job is to analyze the available information and uncover the best fit for your portfolio. We screen the universe of money manager firms, mutual fund companies, and individual securities to uncover candidates for that asset class and style category. We look for investments and managers with a proven track record, significant manager tenure, reasonable fees, and high-quality operations.

Step 4: Performance Monitoring and Reporting

A critical step often overlooked in a successful investment process is the monitoring and rebalancing of the portfolio. The Glosser Group monitors investment portfolios and strives to keep the portfolio balanced in a manner that can best achieve the stated investment objectives and risk tolerance.