How we manage your advisory assets

It is important for us to understand both your investment goals and risk tolerance, so prior to investing we'll discuss your situation and determine an appropriate asset allocation based on your risk profile. 

When investing your money, we typically use the RBC Portfolio Focus Program where we actively manage the account on a discretionary basis in accordance with both your risk profile and program guidelines.

It is a fiduciary account so we manage it in the best interest of the client.  We do not charge commissions in this program, rather our compensation is a percentage of assets under management ranging from 1.5% down to .6%.  

Kevin Williams is the lead portfolio manager, supported by the team and other professionals in the RBC Investment Advisory Group.

We prefer owning individual securities rather than funds because expenses are lower, transparency better, tax selling strategies easier to execute, and portfolio composition more controllable.   

We generally follow two basic strategies. The first strategy pursues both moderate growth and income by investing mostly in dividend paying stocks, bonds and other fixed income.  The second strategy pursues more growth by allocating some investments to faster growing companies and the portfolio may invest up to 100% in equities.

By utilizing fundamental analysis both strategies seek investments that have moderate to lower valuations as compared to the general market or sector.  Many of the stocks we purchase either pay dividends or buy back their own stock, and we predominantly invest in large market - capitalization companies.

We may sell a security if it becomes too expensive on an absolute or relative basis, a negative event emerges, or our thesis for purchasing was wrong. We also may sell a security for a higher potential return opportunity or we may sell to realize a loss for tax purposes *

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