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The Joel Group at RBC Wealth Management develops personalized strategies and solutions to address the needs of our clients. We guide multiple generations of families in managing the business of life. Through a personal approach, we help you and your family accomplish your goals.

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We are pleased to announce that our parent company, RBC, received the Standard & Poor’s investment grade rating of AA- which indicates a “very strong capacity to meet financial commitments.” This is the second-highest rating possible and is an example of our commitment to always maintaining the highest standards possible for our clients. Please contact us today to learn more about how we can put the strength of RBC to work for you.

Global Insight 2020 Outlook

We see higher ground for equities in 2020. We are also more cautious than at any time in the past decade. Read the full analysis in our 2020 Outlook.


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We welcome you to experience the RBC Wealth Management difference yourself. Contact us today to set up a meeting.

December tip of the month

Charitable giving strategies have changed due to the tax law changes last year. If you are over 70 1/2, consider a charitable donation out of your IRA. Younger clients should consider using appreciated stock and bunching 2 or more years of donations together. In either case, donating cash is usually the least desirable method of making a charitable donation. 

Contact us to learn more and view our archive of previous tips for more helpful facts.

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