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We believe that the true measure of wealth is not in the numbers, but in the opportunities it creates for you and the people you care about. With over 70 years of combined investment experience, The Lone Star Group designs client portfolio strategies that can help you realize your lifetime goals with added confidence.

Our commitment

Our Austin, Texas-based financial advisor firm has earned a stellar reputation built on a foundation of respect for the trust you place in us. We remain steadfast to our commitment to put our clients' needs first. Today, we continue to help guide clients like you toward accomplishing your wealth-building, retirement income-producing, and legacy sharing goals.

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Our downtown Austin financial planning firm has been offering retirement and financial advisory solutions to families and high net worth individuals since 2005. Financial advisors, John Riffle, Patrick Easter, and senior financial associate, Priya Samudrala bring over 70 years financial industry experience to The Lone Star Group. This deep expertise combined with the leading-edge global strength of RBC Wealth Management helps transform the lives of our clients through full-service customized wealth planning solutions. Meet your team.

Investment philosophy & approach

We provide unbiased investment strategies that help deliver peace of mind and financial security while facilitating your goals for accumulating, preserving and transferring wealth. Our focus is achieving your goals through income-generating strategies to preserve, grow and transfer your wealth by:

  • Determining your financial situation and organize assets by investment purpose category
  • Understanding your risk tolerance
  • Utilizing some of the best minds in the world to better navigate future uncertainties

We organize each client's existing assets into categories defined by investment purpose. This framework helps reveal the portfolio's exposure to investment opportunities and associated risks.


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