Many women today are assuming more powerful roles in personal and family investing and decision-making due to rising education levels, unprecedented workforce participation and escalating income and wealth.

With longer life expectancies, women are spending more years in retirement and are faced with increased health care costs and greater exposure to the effects of inflation on their long-term savings. These challenges may also be amplified for women because of their dual roles as wage earners and caregivers for children or aging family members.

Accessible and empathetic, members of the Lynnvest Group have the compassion and a nuanced understanding of the concerns of women who want or need to take a more active role in their finances. Working together, we strive to help women pursue financial freedom, build a life in retirement that suits their unique objectives, and help eliminate the possibility of outliving their wealth.

Life has many events and unexpected turning points that we need to plan for, and the dissolution of a marriage and division of its assets are never easy. With experience in moving, transferring and liquidating assets for separating spouses, we provide a level of comfort and discretion to help allay fears for clients during and after divorce. Working in conjunction with their attorneys and accountants, we can assist women with wealth management strategies to take charge of their well-being, adapt to their ever-changing needs, and continue to look to the future.

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