It's a relationship

Wealth Management works best in the context of a partnership that strengthens and evolves over time. Our role as your Financial Consultants is to understand you as a person, be someone you can trust, and have your best interests at heart. We are there when you need us - with ideas and advice - as your life and needs change. We are your financial advocate, sounding board and guide, connecting you to all the right people and resources. We gather the information, explain the options and answer your questions. Together we decide what is in your best interest.

A holistic perspective

People don't want to focus on money - they want to focus on life. When they know the financial part is under control, they’re more able to enjoy everything else. That-s what Wealth Management is all about.

13 wealth management issues

We have determined 13 wealth management issues that our clients face.

  1. Investments
  2. Insurance
  3. Liabilities
  4. Retirement Plans
  5. Stock Options
  6. Business Succession Plan
  7. Durable Power of Attorney
  8. Gifting to Children/Descendents
  9. Charitable Gifting During Life
  10. Titling of Assets
  11. Executor/Trustee
  12. Distribution of Wealth Plan to Spouse/Descendents
  13. Charitable Inclinations at Death

As we work with our clients on their wealth management plans, it is important to integrate strategies that address these issues. If you're interested in discussing any of these wealth management issues, please setup a complimentary meeting by clicking below.

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