What do you want to accomplish?

We can help you answer this question, prioritize your objectives, and prepare financially to accomplish them.  We will collaborate with you, your CPA, your Attorney and/or trustee to implement the strategy that is designed around the plan you want. 

First we need to understand the 13 possible issues that will pertain to you:

  1. Investments
  2. Qualified Retirement Plans
  3. Stock Compensation
  4. Insurance
  5. Liabilities/Liquidity Needs
  6. Titling of Assets/Asset Protection
  7. Durable Power of Attorney & Medical Directives
  8. Executor/Trustee
  9. Gifting to Children/Descendants/Others During Life
  10. Charitable Gifting During Life
  11. Charitable Inclinations at Death
  12. Business Owner Interests
  13. Distribution of Wealth at Death to Spouse/ Descendants/Others

Once we identify the issues that pertain to your situation we offer a broad range of services to help business owners, professionals, qualified plan sponsors and participants, highly compensated executives and institutional investors to implement appropriate strategy. 

  • Planning for retirement
  • Creating an income during retirement
  • Funding an education
  • Preparing for a major purchase
  • Protecting your family or income
  • Creating the legacy you want to be remembered by
  • Portfolio construction and management
  • Succession planning
  • Estate planning
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