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Hope is not a strategy

Oct 17, 2022 | Kristi Owens


Hope is not a strategy. Being a wealth creator is not easy…it takes unbelievable discipline, determination, and resolve. We believe that for all important financial decisions, you should adopt a design-build-test approach.

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Hope is not a Strategy

  • I hope we can afford to retire.
  • I hope we have saved enough.
  • I hope we can travel during our retired years.
  • I hope we do not outlive our money.
  • I hope we are not a burden to our children.
  • I hope there is something left to leave our family.

Sound familiar?

I know you have heard this saying many times, but it is true.

“Hope” is not a strategy.

People ask us all the time, "How much do I need?" The answer is simple but not easy. You need to save enough so that you can live the lifestyle you want to live without running out of money before you leave this earth. The hard part is knowing how much you will need or want to spend, and how long you will be on this earth. The best advice we can give anyone struggling with this question is to define measurable goals and then develop a plan to achieve those goals. But don't stop there. Continually measure progress against your goals, and evolve your plan as your life evolves over time.

The best way to reach your financial goals is to identify them, plan for them, and work toward them with undeterred diligence and commitment.

Before you build a house, you need a blueprint.

Before you make major healthcare decisions, you seek proper medical consultation, testing, and options to determine the best course of treatment.

Your financial future deserves the same amount of consideration, planning, and due diligence.

We believe the keys to achieving successful financial outcomes include:

  • Defining your purpose
  • Building your plan
  • Personalizing your portfolio
  • Measuring your progress
  • Preparing for the unexpected

Being a wealth creator is not easy…it takes unbelievable discipline, determination, and resolve.

Being a wealth destroyer occurs when you make decisions based on hope, fear, or greed.

Which one are you?


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