Theresa Huntley, CSRIC®

Senior Vice President - Financial Advisor, Consulting Group

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Jennifer Elliott, APP

Senior Registered Client Associate


How I serve you

I am convinced that financial success involves continually acting toward realizing your goals, as opposed to reacting to the daily headlines. With this in mind, my investment philosophy is grounded in goal-focused planning. The driving factors in the discovery process are to understand what my clients want to achieve and when, and what resources they have available to employ toward these goals.

The next step of my process is to design goal-focused solutions. I do this by selecting investment vehicles with high quality, disciplined money managers at the helm. I gravitate toward managers who demonstrate the use of a definable, repeatable process, and who do not drift from their stated discipline.

Once I have implemented a solutions strategy, my ongoing role is twofold: First, to counsel and guide client behavior in relation to achieving their stated goals. Second, to monitor the vehicles and managers used to get there for ongoing appropriateness. In a world of constant change, we strive to deliver a consistent approach to getting you where you want to go.