The benefits of a primary advisor

As your Primary Advisor, The Ross Group can take the lead role in helping to coordinate your network of external professionals or provide access to an internal network of world-class experts.  We will work to connect you to the right people and resources.

A broad range of services and solutions

  •  Retirement planning
  •  Managing lump-sum windfalls (inheritance, settlements) for asset preservation and protection
  •  Investing proceeds from the sale of a business to help produce lifetime income
  •  Growing portfolios to help achieve specific future goals (education, home, hobby, vocation, philanthropy)
  •  Preparing and planning for healthcare and long term care funding
  •  Wealth transfer and estate planning related services
  •  Coordination with other professionals (accountant, attorney, etc.) for a congruent wealth management plan
  •  Immediate wealth management planning in the event of divorce or death