Customized, objective advice based on your needs

At RBC Wealth Management, we understand every person's financial situation or objectives are different. Whether you are saving for your kids' college education or trying to determine the best way to pass your estate onto your heirs, your situation is unique and a cookie-cutter approach may not help you reach your objectives.

Our mission is to understand your financial objectives and deliver solutions to help meet those unique needs. We believe the best way to satisfy our clients is by delivering quality personal strategies, solutions and service. Your success is our success.

Our clients have a wide array of objectives. While some clients' objectives are straightforward, others are more complicated and may require additional analysis. That is where RBC Wealth Management's ® Wealth Strategies services can help.

Wealth Strategies features a group of experienced financial professionals who can develop customized solutions for clients who require more complicated strategies and solutions. Typically, these clients have a more complex situation, and often own large and varied portfolios. Consequently, after working with you to identify, quantify and prioritize your short- and long-range financial needs, professionals from Wealth Strategies will customize a strategic analysis.

Depending on the type of planning you choose, services could range from a single issue on a particular financial topic, to an analysis plan incorporating a variety of wealth strategies topics. The topics include:

  • Wealth Investment Analysis
  • Asset Protection Strategies
  • Charitable Giving Strategies
  • Concentrated Equity Position Diversification Strategies
  • Employee Stock Options Analysis and Strategies
  • Estate Analysis and Strategies
  • Complex Retirement Planning
  • College Funding
  • Major Purchase
  • Income Tax
  • Life/Disability Insurance Analysis

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