You work hard—your cash should, too

There are plenty of reasons it’s a good idea to make cash a part of your portfolio. Having liquid assets gives you quick and efficient access to your money when you need it—to maintain your income stream, pay for unexpected expenses or strike swiftly when an investment or business opportunity presents itself.

And when you’re ready to spend your cash, you can discover the convenience of an Investment Access account, and take advantage of our RBC Visa® Platinum Debit Card with ApplePay®, traditional check-writing, electronic funds transfer services and free online bill pay. 

But when you don’t need your cash, it should be working just as hard as you do. At RBC Wealth Management, we can help you put your cash to work with a variety of competitive cash sweep solutions, including traditional bank and brokerage products, certificates of deposit, fixed income securities, and our RBC® Insured Deposits program, which features up to $2.5 million in FDIC insurance1.

RBC Cash Plus

And when you want your cash to really work for you, RBC® Cash Plus2 is an attractive offering with a competitive yield of 0.25%, immediate liquidity, and is backed by the strength and stability of Royal Bank of Canada. 

Now is the time to ask yourself—how hard is your cash working for you?

Getting started

If you would like to learn what you can gain from an RBC Cash Plus account or discuss which cash solutions may be right for you, please contact me today.