Other videos by Thomas

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  • IRS Audit with Thomas Smith - Kevin Cashion, a partner in the East Texas CPA firm, Gollob Morgan Peddy sits down with Thomas to discuss tips and best practices if you encounter an audit from the IRS.
  • Art Collecting with Thomas Smith – In this short video, Thomas and his wife Pam sit down to discuss one of their favorite activities – art collecting.  Have you considered art collecting as a mutual activity of interest with your spouse?
  • Health and well-being with Thomas Smith – Join Thomas as he shares the importance of owning your own health. Only you can take the necessary steps to preserve your physical health so you can enjoy all that life has to offer.
  • Second home ownership with Thomas Smith – have you considered purchasing a second home for your family?  Thomas discusses costs and benefits of a second home with Andy Guinn, a principal at Cornerstone Brokerage.
  • Home remodel with Thomas Smith - Tommy McAlister from Texas Global and Thomas discuss current trends and tips to help get the biggest return on your home investment. 
  • Private Travel with Thomas Smith - Thomas sits down with industry expert, Josh Nealey from Nealey Aviation to discuss the financial bandwidth needed for private air travel. 
  • Debt with Thomas Smith - Join Thomas and industry expert, Claude Henry with Texas Bank and Trust, to learn more about what types of debt fall into the “healthy” category. 

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