The unique challenges of the affluent

You've worked hard, and exercised discipline to get where you are today. You've achieved what most investors and successful people aspire to. Yet, as you know, there are no guarantees in life and now more than ever, you need a personalized, comprehensive plan to secure your financial future. That's where we come in. As your professional financial consulting team, we are able to connect you with global resources and creative solutions to help establish a sound financial foundation to withstand the test of time.

The Three Points Group follows a personal and comprehensive approach to managing your wealth that encompasses each point of your financial life: growing, protecting, and transferring wealth to heirs or charity. At RBC Wealth Management you will find our wealth management process goes beyond just investing to address more sophisticated issues, such as capital preservation, risk management, asset protection, trusts, and income tax reduction strategies.

We understand the responsibilities and stresses that accompany wealth. Our services are designed to help reduce these pressures and simplify your life.

Let's begin

As financial advisors, Three Points Group coordinates the financial affairs of select clients and their families. Our team has the expertise and resources to deliver the financial solutions you are looking for with the exceptional service you deserve. Do you see the value of looking at the big picture, developing a plan, and implementing a comprehensive, unbiased wealth management approach? Are you ready to discover personalized, creative solutions that help reduce the stress and responsibilities of managing your money and planning your financial future?

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