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I help create, maintain and grow comprehensive wealth management solutions for individuals, business owners, entrepreneurs and charitable foundations. These solutions are closely managed through a variety of economic events and life event changes that invariably occur among clients. Each plan is developed for my client's economic security and designed to do so in the most tax efficient way possible.

Funny money: Is the future of fixed income fixed expenses?

The sub-zero interest rate experiment has changed the way central banks fight recessions. And with central banks going deeper down the rabbit hole of negative rates, we look at how investors can navigate the upside down world of negative-yielding debt. Read the full economic outlook in the latest edition of Global Insight.

The best returns are more than financial

At RBC Wealth Management, we know what’s important to you—the success of your family, personal aspirations and the legacy you want to leave to the world. See how we can help you grow more than wealth.

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If you are not already a valued client, I invite you to experience the skill and dedication of a team built on integrity, client service and a spectrum of services for individuals, families, institutions and their assets.