Approach to wealth management

Our approach to investing is centered around intelligent, low-cost, strategic asset allocation. Our rules based rebalancing program and disciplined investment approach has been proven to be both additive to returns and a reliable method of managing risk.

We design, construct, optimize, and maintain strategic asset allocation models for our clients and do our best to keep the overall fees under 1.25%. It’s a simple, yet very successful strategy, that has attracted over $180,000,000 in group assets.

There seem to be unlimited answers to the question ‘How Should I Invest?’ but we think our answer is the best one.

We offer both brokerage and fee-based fiduciary accounts but prefer to act in a fee-only capacity for you.

About a quarter of our client assets are with non-profits and endowments. Our team has been vetted by numerous prominent board of directors which we believe is an excellent testimonial to our firm, investment approach, and client service model.


Typical client:

Our clients invest with us because they believe our mission and investment approach.

Our clients range from high net worth households, to charitable foundations, to young professionals. Our typical clients lead active and busy lifestyles and rely on us to help them invest and manage their portfolios with a goal of delivering market like returns. We believe our clients expect us to deliver exceptional service and coordinate with their other advisors such as CPA’s, attorney’s, and/or trust administrators.

We have no account minimum and will work with any client that believes in our mission and investment approach.

The smart questions clients ask:

  • How much will your financial advisory services cost all-in?
  • What are the internal expenses of the funds or investments you use, if any?
  • What might the taxes on gains or income look like, on average?
  • Are there costs associated with our transactions that I may not see but will have an effect on my net returns?
  • What is your due diligence process for your preferred investments?
  • How frequently do you communicate with your clients? 

Next Steps:

Please contact Lisa Warning at (612) 313-1061 to schedule a meeting and determine if we are a good fit.