Charting your course

Who needs the services of a financial advisor? You may, if you face these or similar situations:
I’m planning for retirement... “Do I, or will I ever, have enough money to retire?”
Tax consequences... “I’m paying too much tax on my investments. Are there ways to pay less?”
There’s an unexpected opportunity... “I’ve been offered an early retirement. Should I take it?”
After years of hard work, you’ve accumulated significant assets... “How can I best grow and preserve my wealth?”
You inherit substantial assets... “How should I manage my inheritance?”
You sell your business... “Where and how should I invest my proceeds”
I want to set up a retirement plan for my employees... “How do I begin and who do I contact?”
You experience a life-altering event... “Now that I’m on my own, how can I best plan for my own and my children’s future?”

Flexible fee schedule

You choose the payment method that works best for you. Many of our clients prefer a fee-based method of compensation. The fee is based on the services we provide as well as the value of assets we manage. Some of our clients are more comfortable with the traditional commission-based arrangement. We review the advantages and disadvantages of each method, then work with you to determine the arrangement that suits you and your situation best.
RBC Wealth Management is not a Tax Advisor. All decisions regarding the tax implications of your investments should be made in connection with your independent tax advisor.