Investment philosophy

On a high level, our investment strategy is simple. Based on your own risk tolerance and investment time horizons, we determine the percentage of your assets that should be in low volatility, income producing securities and the percentage that should be invested in growth oriented equities.

Growth Strategy

The power of compounding benefits our clients, their families, and the communities in which they live

Sensible, straightforward investments may not be top performers each year, but they often are over 10 years.

Timing matters to us. In new accounts, positions are initiated relative to where we feel values are reasonable.

Fixed Income Strategy

We review every source of income paying investments to determine the right combination to fit the needs of our clients.

Our team researches all fixed income products extensively to ensure we are suggesting the right strategy for you.

Insurance and Annuities

We analyze your existing insurance policies and annuity contracts to see that it fits your investment profile.

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