Our approach

We believe that our client portfolios should be more than style boxes and cookie-cutter asset allocation models. The portfolios should also avoid overly complicated investments which can result in relatively high transaction costs or be potentially difficult to liquidate.

While we do utilize mutual funds in many portfolios, clients with the appropriate investment risk profile may choose to have our team manage a custom portfolio of individual equities and other types of securities. Our Portfolio Focus portfolios, unlike mutual funds and other pooled investments, are not commingled with other investors' money. We believe this is a potential advantage because the portfolios are not subject to other investor's liquidity events.

Investment strategy can be impacted not only by things like risk profile or time horizon, but also by personal events such as a career change, caring for a parent or unexpected expenses that may necessitate a change in portfolio structure. This is why our team follows a disciplined approach that includes utilizing RBC WealthPlan, a personalized plan that can be updated as life changes occur. As we build your overall financial picture, we encourage new clients to share information not only on stock, bond and mutual funds investments but also on existing annuities or other life insurance products so we can analyze them to make sure they are appropriate for your current situation.

Using the information from your RBC WealthPlan enables our team, often working collaboratively with other wealth consultant specialists at RBC, to determine an investment plan along with advice for other potential financial life issues such as estate planning services.

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