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Greyrock Wealth Advisors hopes to express the qualities closely associated with Greyrock Mountain, a beloved Northern Colorado landmark, summon to mind. Just as the hiking trail that winds from the Poudre River to the summit of Greyrock Mountain promises a breathtaking journey to the traveler, Greyrock Wealth Advisors envisions wealth management as a journey we undertake with you. Our journey alongside you is made all the more significant because of some of the trail markers we hit along the way...

  • The long journey to the top of Greyrock Mountain from the trailhead requires commitment of the traveler. We find meaning in committing to a journey with you on the road to financial wellness and sustainability.
  • Seeing Greyrock Mountain from the trail, the traveler is struck by the fortitude of this massive geological feature. We strive to help you achieve the financial fortitude you and your family can rely on now and for generations to come.
  • On the journey, the traveler might reflect on the history that Greyrock Mountain has witnessed in its formation. We are here to provide you with the wisdom of 230 combined years of industry experience, on a team that traces its roots back to its founding in 1938.
  • As the traveler reaches the summit of Greyrock Mountain, the far reaching views conjure a sense of legacy. We take the long view with you, helping you to establish a legacy that will stretch far into the future for your loved ones and your community.

Thank you for walking this path with Greyrock Wealth Advisors. We are grateful for the trust you place in us and look forward to our continued partnership in the journey ahead.

Our legacy

Greyrock Wealth Advisors has a long history of serving the needs of clients in all market conditions. Through the decades-and several transitions and mergers - we've collaborated with clients by focusing on what matters most; their goals.

What we believe differentiates us

Our team mission statement says it best: We work with families and communities to help realize a life of purpose, fulfillment and connection. We are a team of 11 individuals with access to the resources of one of the world’s largest wealth management firms to support us in serving our clients. We have built our practice through meticulous attention to detail and years of refining our business, offering financial solutions to the select number of families we serve. We believe our team’s combined more than 230 years of industry experience can help offer a distinctive perspective and meaningful advice.


Our culture and values

Our culture is about leaving an impactful and lasting legacy. Starting from our founding in 1938 and extending into the future, we work in collaboration with the families and communities we serve.

  • History: Our roots run deep in Northern Colorado. We are proud that those who came before entrusted us with carrying the torch of their legacy into the future. 
  • Values: You place great trust in us. We take that responsibility seriously, by cultivating a culture of integrity, collaboration and dedication in all we do. 
  • Development: You value good advice. That’s why we foster a culture of development, growth and education, providing you with professionals who give you the advice you need. 
  • Community: Like you, we value our community. We are dedicated to making a positive impact in our community as a team and value long-standing relationships.

Jason Burkett named one of Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisors

At Greyrock Wealth Advisors, we are very proud that Financial Advisor Jason Burkett was named a Forbes Best-In-State advisor in 2022. It’s an honor to have a teammate nationally recognized as one of the best in the industry—because it means we are serving our clients well. Congratulations, Jason!

Global Insight Cover (man looking at finances on ipad)

As earnings go, so goes the market

Fresh off a market bounce that was partly sparked by better-than-feared Q2 earnings reports, investors should consider where U.S. corporate profits could be headed next year. Read the full economic outlook in the latest edition of the Global Insight Monthly.

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We wanted to give a huge thanks to our photographer Shaye Kaessner and Connie Hanrahan from Mantooth Marketing for a great day taking new team pictures yesterday. Working with a large team (especially our team) can be a challenge and it was a great experience and we can’t wait to see our new photos. Also thanks to Ginger and Baker and the Elizabeth hotel for letting us use your amazing facilities for our pictures! Two of Fort Collins iconic locations. The highlight was the Cherry Pie we all got to eat after our shoot in the teaching kitchen. We will gladly do pictures if it’s followed by pie anytime.

It’s been a pleasure to attend the RBC Next Level conference in Denver over the last 2 days. Lots of great ideas and concepts to implement with our team. A special thanks to Retired Denver Bronco Ryan Harris - SB50 Champion for delivering our keynote message today! Choose your mindset lead WITH example Celebrate Every Win Have Fun

Congratulations to Greyrock Wealth Advisors very own Kevin Bednar who graduated from Colorado State University this weekend with his degree in Finance. Kevin has been an intern for our team since his freshman year at CSU and he is going to be starting full time with RBC and our team in a few weeks. Kevin has been a tremendous asset to our team and has solely managed many key team initiatives as an intern, including serving as a “courier” for client documents and team members who were working remotely while we transitioned to RBC during the peak of COVID in spring/summer of 2020. I first met Kevin while he was a student athlete in high school. The tireless work ethic he displayed as a student athlete has transitioned to how he attacks his role with our team at RBC. He is an incredibly hard work and tenacious in all he does. My first word of advice for Kevin when he started as an intern with our team was to make yourself invaluable and irreplaceable to the team while your here. He has done just that. We knew we would hire Kevin without a doubt because of what he showed us over the last 3 years and that we couldn’t be as effective as a team without him. Congratulations Kevin and we are all incredibly proud of you!!

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Man looking at finances on iPad

As earnings go, so goes the market

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What we do

We provide a customized wealth management experience to each of our clients. We believe this is the only way we can deliver on our promise to our clients and their families. First and foremost is understanding our clients’ financial and life goals. Their current financial lives are considered and coordinated by our team. We deliver a comprehensive approach to financial and life management that helps provide our clients clarity and precision for this generation and generations to come.

Our just cause

We believe that wealth management is more than just managing investments. It’s about connecting resources to a purpose and making a difference in the lives of our clients. We exist to help our clients and their families live a life of connection. Our team embraces the belief that we must use our talents and resources to make our community better  place.

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