"Banks have a significant impact on people, communities and countries. Our first priority is doing our jobs as bankers well, and serving our clients with integrity, every day. At RBC, we also take our responsibilities in the community, marketplace, workplace and to the planet seriously."
Gordon M. Nixon

Sustainable and Responsible Investing
Increasingly, investors are looking to integrate their environmental, social and governance values with their investment portfolios, while still seeking to achieve long-term positive performance. At RBC Wealth Management, social responsibility is at the core of our values, attention to ethical business practices, having a positive economic impact, operating with integrity in the marketplace, providing a supportive workplace, being environmentally sustainable, and contributing to communities

SRI Investing Resources with RBC Wealth Management
Clients interested in sustainable investing strategies have access to significant resources that can help clients achieve their investment goals while respecting restrictions based on political, social or faith-based concerns.

We help clients implement sustainable investing strategies by:

  • Finding investments that match the social criteria identified by the client;
  • Finding suitable investment solutions with reasonable performance in each needed asset class;
  • Analyzing the portfolio’s performance based on the inability to purchase prohibited securities; and
  • Fairly comparing the performance and risk profiles with relevant benchmarks.

RBC uses tools that screen each investment manager’s model portfolio and each subsequent trade to remove the securities of companies inconsistent with your values.  It is possible to construct well-diversified portfolios that implement a rigorous review of financial performance combined with a thorough assessment of sustainability practices.

Screening Tools
RBC’s screening tools offer investors the opportunity to restrict companies with business involvement in specific areas, including human rights, employment practices, military and weapons production, the environment and pharmaceutical.