We feel it is critical to communicate consistently and effectively with our clients, particularly during periods of uncertainty.  The financial crisis of the last several years has reinforced this need.  The intent of the commentaries below is to show the pattern of thought and discipline that goes into our decision making and investment process.  Please take the time to read them and, if possible, provide us with your feed back and questions. - Terry


2014, October 16: Ebola Madness

2013, June 25: Adjusting to Normal

2013, March 28: Standing Risk on its Head

2012, March 28: Zen and the Art of Optimism

2012, January 10: Let The Cat Out of The Bag

2011, September 19: Let's Get Specific

2011, August 18: Shark Infested Waters

2011, February 10: Unleash The Cash

2011, January 24: Flight To Safety

2010, November 29: Deja Vu All Over Again

2010, November 8: Payrolls Strengthening

2010, August 16: A Three Ring Circus

2010, June 29: Tumbling Down

2010, May 25: Anxious Moments

2010, February 23: Keeping Your Fish Tank Clean

2010, February 4: Skating To Where The Puck Is

2009, December 15: The Case For Optimism

2008, October 7: How Low Can We Go?