Our mission is your mission

The Williams Grist Investment Group serves non-profit organizations, professional trade groups, foundations, and endowments. Our goal is to help accomplish your mission—to improve reserves, to fund new programs, to make possible scholarship awards or other important distributions.

Mary Williams and Michelle Grist combine more than four decades of experience with non-profit asset management. We work with RBC Wealth Management professionals who understand the specific needs of the non-profit world, and who can focus on the particular requirements of non-profit investment management. 

Recently many portfolios have underperformed, or have become out of balance with policy guidelines or the needs of the associations they serve. Often the fixed income required by the Investment Policy has failed to provide the income to fund spending requirements. Perhaps it is time for a check-up? We are here to help.

Please take a look at the information linked below. And please contact us for more detailed information.