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The millennial mindset

Sep 06, 2022 | RBC Wealth Management


A recent survey revealed how millennials identify their financial values, shaping their approach to money management.

Group of millennials gathered around a table

RBC Wealth Management recently surveyed 1,000 high earning millennials to:

  • Explore future goals for wealth development and key anticipated milestones
  • Understand their pain points with managing their wealth
  • Gain a fundamental perspective into millennials service needs, gaps, preferences and their relationship with money management

Here is what we found:

  • 84% agree that they spend a lot of time thinking about their financial security
  • 92% of millennials agree that it's important that their financial advisor be knowledgeable about ESG investing
  • 71% agree their portfolio is too complicated to be trusted to a robo-advisor

To learn more of what we uncovered, download the Millennial Mindset Wealth Insights Report by RBC Wealth Management


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