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Our team works with individuals, families and institutions to help build, manage, protect and transition wealth. This includes investments and portfolio management, credit and lending, risk management and insurances, as well as trust and estate planning services. The process begins with listening to clients. We always seek to understand their priorities and goals before we start making recommendations.

What our team brings to the table is our combined over 100 years of industry experience, a commitment to ongoing professional development and our unique, diverse perspective. We are diverse in age, gender, economic upbringing, specialties and thought process. These differences are why you should choose Aurora Wealth Solutions Group as your wealth management team. Our collaboration helps us avoid blind spots and pitfalls that solo practitioners may fall victim to. Our differences demand that we challenge and sharpen each other; this part of our process helps us refine and test our ideas before we implement them for our clients. We believe that our team approach enhances our strengths and amplifies our ability to care for our clients.

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5 Tips for Millennials To Pay Down Their Student Loans and Other Debt

Millennials, looking to tackle debt? Check out these 5 tips to tackle student debt and start building wealth. Aurora Wealth Solutions Group. It's your path, we'll light the way.

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There’s a new scam called Quishing. Here’s what it is and what you need to know

Quishing is a new type of scam that uses QR codes, in an attempt to get personal information such as your Social Security number, user name or passwords, and credit or debit card number. Aurora Wealth Solutions Group. It's your path, we'll light the way.

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Don’t let your retirement savings stay scattered across multiple accounts. Consolidate with RBC Wealth Management and unlock a clearer picture of your financial future. Aurora Wealth Solutions Group. It's your path, we'll light the way.

Proud to be a nationally recognized team

At Aurora Wealth Solutions Group, we are proud to be recognized as a Forbes Best-in-State Wealth Management Team in 2023. It’s an honor to be nationally recognized as one of the best teams in the industry—because it means we are serving our clients well. 

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Water: A key investable theme of 2024

How does water fit into an investment portfolio? Learn why this key theme continues to stand out for investors.

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Weaving the threads of U.S. equity outperformance

While AI and the Magnificent 7 have been exceedingly visible in their leadership, we spotlight two other trends with a clear impact on portfolio performance and how to approach U.S. equities as the economic environment inevitably evolves.

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