Clients of the Bailey, Burns & Redford Wealth Group, receive objective, professional guidance and a solid, disciplined game plan based on client needs and objectives, as well as timely and understandable performance reports.

Investment philosophy

We believe that wealth is not built by speculation but by a disciplined approach to managing risk, strategically allocating across appropriate asset classes, broad market, by sector and by company. Our top down approach is based upon the law of supply and demand. Those same forces of supply and demand dictate whether the markets are moving in a broadly offensive or defensive direction. We act accordingly by tactically allocating assets or defensively preserving capital.

Our team approach allows us to specialize in building and managing custom portfolios based on our clients’ objectives. Mark oversees all portfolio development and management. Steve specializes in the bond side of portfolios, practicing the lost art of fixed income, building by hand individual bond portfolios, and looking for the “sweet spot” in the yield curve while constructing those portfolios. In doing this, Steve is preservation-minded and works to mitigate risk and see what makes sense across the ever-changing bond markets. Sheri works in the equity markets on our discretionary and managed accounts and in doing so works to help actively manage risk.

Here are some of our basic beliefs:

  • At Bailey, Burns & Redford Wealth Group, we offer a disciplined methodology in managing portfolios: a well thought-out, organized game plan driven by supply and demand.
  • The foundation of our management group is based on the law of supply and demand.
  • In building custom portfolios for our clients we take measured steps, willing to change when supply and demand (buyers and sellers) dictate change.
  • A big part of the ongoing building and strengthening of our client relationships is managing emotions and providing guidance, especially at market inflection points.
  • We consider it a privilege to work with each of our clients in achieving their unique financial goals.