Who we are

We have developed a reputation within our firm as trusted advocates in our local community, helping manage our clients' wealth with a high degree of integrity and honesty. A leading team within RBC Wealth Management, we hold a number of industry designations, licenses, and degrees, and have recently been named to several industry "top" lists, including Barron's magazine and the Financial Times.

image of Aaron Howe

Aaron Howe, AWM

Managing Director - Financial Advisor, Senior Portfolio Manager - Portfolio Focus

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image of Brandon Howe

Brandon W. Howe, CFP®

Associate Vice President, Senior Financial Associate

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Tom Schulenberg

Senior Managing Director - Branch Director

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image of Allison Nelson

Allison F. Nelson, CFP®

Senior Financial Associate

image of Kristi Morton

Kristi L. Morton, APP

Senior Investment Associate


Jennifer L. Littler

Senior Client Associate

image of Adam Brady

Adam Brady

Client Associate


Our sense of place

We are proud to take our name from the English translation of the Mdewakanton Lakota name for Minnetonka, the lake which our office overlooks: "Big Water."  This distinguished landmark inspires our wealth management practice in many ways. Lake Minnetonka has played an instrumental role in the development of its surrounding communities by providing an abundance of resources, a source of enjoyment, and a sense of security to thousands of families over numerous generations. Similarly, we work to ensure that our guidance enriches our clients' lives by granting them the financial resources to grow and sustain themselves, enjoy a lifestyle of their choosing, and provide them with security and protection in an ever-changing world.