Our most treasured asset is our clients’ trust

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Protecting your future

I specialize in retirement planning and the 401k market, working with clients to anticipate current and future financial needs and develop a plan with them to achieve their goals. I develop a plan that is tailored to each person after in depth discussions that incorporate their specific goals, risk concerns, and returns necessary to meet their expectations.

Retirement is your next long-term venture

You've spent a lifetime discovering your passions. Retirement is your opportunity to pursue them, more than ever, with the ones you love. At RBC Wealth Management we’ll help you prepare financially for the retirement you envision. Because we believe, as you do, that the greatest returns are realized when you grow more than wealth. Contact me today to discuss what sets us apart and to learn how we can be of service to you.

Tools of the trade war

RBC Global Asset Management’s chief economist surveys the state of the trade war. He points to the potential escalation in the tech realm as a key front to watch, explaining why the U.S. is targeting China’s high-tech capability. Read the full economic outlook in the latest edition of Global Insight.

Are you retiring soon?  Please call me to schedule your pre-retirement planning meeting to review Social Security rules, distributions, etc.

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