My philosophy of advice is that by far the most important factor determining the long-term investment returns people get in real life is their own behavior. So, for example, the issue for me isn't predicting when markets will peak or bottom out - which no on can consistently do - but managing the way my clients respond to those periods of euphoria near market tops, and to the panic and despair which are very human reactions around market bottoms.

My process

  • Learn about your goals, objectives, and fears.
  • Gather pertinent financial data to develop a current financial picture.
  • Create a strategy to help achieve your specific goals and objectives.
  • Evaluate and select proper investments that fit your needs.
  • Implement the process.
  • Continuously manage, refine and retool your portfolio, as well as educate you on your investments and the market.


  • Mutual Funds
  • Index Funds
  • Fixed Income Investments
  • Private Portfolio Managers
  • Annuities
  • Insurance
  • Stocks & Bonds supported by research from S&P, Credit Suisse, Argus, RBC Capital Markets, Morningstar, and Valueline.


  • Portfolio construction
  • 401k plan design
  • 529 college plans
  • Behavioral Finance - Understanding how emotions play a part in financial strategies.

Client base

  • $400 Million - Total client assets 
  • $500,000 - Average client's household portfolio value
  • Individual & Joint Investment Accounts
  • Trust Accounts
  • Retirement Plans - 401k, IRA, Profit Sharing, SEP, SIMPLE, and Defined Benefit Accounts
  • 529 College Savings Accounts
  • Corporate Accounts
  • Foundations

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