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Your money or your life? Whether someone is retired or still actively working, there is very little doubt that managing our personal finances is not easy — it’s complicated and ever changing. Many people discover that managing their personal finances is much like having a second full-time job. In this situation, the quality of our lives can decline and we spend time in worry and stress.

My principal objective is to understand your particular financial structure and discover your specific lifestyle priorities. I then ask the all-important question: Will you have sufficient funds to meet all of your objectives?

I strive to create a highly detailed and comprehensive wealth plan that fully incorporates all the required needs and wants of an individual or family. The starting point for investing is not picking a stock or bond but rather developing a comprehensive investment solution that runs parallel to your very unique and personal life goals.

Global Insight Monthly

Global Insight Cover Image - April 2024Interest rate mood swings

As the year progresses and the season changes, so too have some central bank rate cut expectations. We explain how investors should proceed.  Read the Global Insight Monthly »

Are you helping your children pay for college?

With college tuition costs on the rise, education funding has become a critical wealth management component for many parents who want to help their children avoid a heavy debt burden so early in life. If you’re planning on helping your children pay for college, there are a variety of funding options available to you. Contact me today to discuss which option may be right for you.

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The ongoing yield curve inversion appears out of line with record equity markets and robust commodity pricing. We look at some reasons investors are accepting lower yields on longer-maturity bonds.

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