Special meet and greet with White House historian William Seale

A terrific evening was spent learning about another fantastic feature of our great city! Guests attended a fascinating conversation about The Blair House which acts as the Presidential guest house for powerful diplomats and political officials from around the world. Learn more about the event.


Higher Achievement Volunteer Day

It was a beautiful Spring day—the scholars at Higher Achievement were planning a Volunteer Day to benefit the facility where they attend their mentor sessions, and 19 volunteers from RBC Wealth Management came to lend their manpower to support Higher Achievement and their visions.

Higher Achievement is a non-profit organization that serves the DC area by closing the opportunity gap for middle school youth in at-risk communities. They have made an incredible difference within our community, and "on average, 95 percent of scholars who complete Higher Achievement advance to top academic high school programs and 93 percent advance to college."

RBC has a proud history of supporting local organizations that improve the quality of life in the communities in which we live and work. When called to duty to help Higher Achievement during corporate Volunteer Week, 19 RBC Wealth Management employees and friends were quick to volunteer their time and to contribute to this organization, in total raising $5,070 for Higher Achievement.

Our team of RBC Wealth Management volunteers gathered on Friday evening and jumped into the task of cleaning up and planting the beds in front of Marie Reed Community School (one of the locations for Higher Achievements after-school mentoring sessions.) They worked hard to till up the hard packed soil and prepare it for planting. Working alongside the scholars, we landscaped several plots and planters near the entrance to the community center, giving the center a warm aesthetic feel.

It was a wonderful experience to not only help a worthwhile organization, but also to support the volunteer spirit that Higher Achievement works to instill in their scholars as RBC Wealth Management does.