Proud to work with a nationally recognized Financial Adviser

At The Cohen Investment Group, we are very proud that Financial Advisor Josh Cohen was named a Forbes Best-in-State advisor in 2024. It’s an honor to have a teammate nationally recognized as one of the best in the industry—because it means we are doing what's best for our clients. Congratulations, Josh!

Who we are

The Cohen Investment Group provides comprehensive wealth management services for high and ultra-high net worth investors. Our team specializes in individual portfolio management, retirement and estate planning, legacy strategies and trust services. We work tirelessly to earn our clients trust, grow long-term relationships, and create and implement forward-looking financial goal plans. We take great pride in the trust our clients have instilled in us and we are passionate about doing the "right thing" for our clients. This is why we refuse to host seminars, as 100% of our work and effort is focused on existing clients.

Our value

The Cohen Investment Group provides personal and customized wealth management services and strategies to high net worth individuals, families, Trusts and businesses. Our team is passionate about providing personalized services to each of our client relationships, as every individual, family and business’ situation is unique and requires customized planning. 

We accomplish this through our disciplined process that focuses on the accumulation, protection, and transfer of wealth.  While most Advisors and teams are focussed on their growth, which means networking and hosting seminars, we spend our time talking to you, planning, educating and researching. Model portfolios are very popular because they are scalable. However, we believe in customizing every portfolio based on your situation. 

Depending on your goals, risk tolerance, time horizon and investment experience, your portfolio will be structured with a combination of individual stocks, money managers, mutual funds, etf's, or bonds. Our team is passionate about identifying long-term secular investment themes that you can participate in. Those themes range from the effects of artificial intelligence on industries from emergency rooms to farming equipment,  to the long term trend to reduce carbon emissions and the impact on utilities and other forms of alternative energy,  We identify these long-term themes by leveraging the cutting edge research of RBC as well as our outside resources. We are also not afraid to put on our Warren Buffet contrarian hat and buy sectors and industries that are out of favor because the best opportunities are often amidst downturns with heightened uncertainty where we can be buying when everyone is selling.  

As you know, while money is important, it is far from the only thing.  The relationships we build and the communication we have is equally important, which is why we provide regular, ongoing, timely personalized calls and emails to address issues that arise that could have you concerned. In the past these issues have been events like SARS, potential social security defaults, China trade war, BREXIT, low interest rates, US debt defaults, election concerns, ISIS, the impact of recession, higher taxes, the CARES act, inflation, etc. 

Finally, our practice is nearing maximum capacity, so any interview process will of course work both ways.

Tax mailing dates

With tax season upon us, you may be wondering when to expect your documents. Take a look at the chart below for an estimated mailing date and feel free to call us with any questions or to discuss what tax strategies we can implement to lower your taxable income in 2024.

Tax reporting document Approximate availability date
Form 1099-R January 31, 2024
Fair Market Value Statement January 31 2024
1099 Tax Information Summary February 15, 2024
Income Summary (FYI Statement) February 29. 2024
REMIC Tax Information Summary March 15, 2024
1042-S April 1, 2024
Revised 1099 Tax Information Summary
(tax year 2023 - revision 1)
On or about March 15, 2024
Revised 1099 Tax Information Summary
(tax year 2023 - revision 2)
On or about April 5, 2024
5498 June 1, 2024
Revised 1099 Tax Information Summary
(tax years 2020 – 2023)
Monthly, beginning May 2024

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