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Today, maybe more than ever, it is critical to develop and implement a forward-looking wealth plan. Record low interest rates, combined with extreme market volatility, have created a challenging environment for investors to meet their current cash flow needs, their future financial goals, or both. With markets near all-time highs and interest rates near all-time lows, many investors are unsure of how to allocate their investments. 

Our primary objective is to add value through our strong relationships by providing each client with access to some of the best and most strategic financial resources available in the marketplace. We focus on helping high net-worth individuals, families and businesses with a variety of issues, including: planning for retirement, generating cash flow in retirement, paying for children’s college education, estate preservation and wealth transfer strategies, employee retirement benefits (like 401k) and business succession plans.

Over the last 20 years, we have experienced an unusual amount of volatility: COVID-19, Nasdaq bubble, 9/11, real estate collapse, financial crisis, a Euro meltdown, BREXIT, government shutdown, and US deficit concerns, to name a few.  Throughout each of these tumultuous times, we have held our client’s hands closely and guided them through the market volatility with regular communications of calm, rational, and time-tested advice. 

For risk-averse investors, the situation is even more uncertain. Interest rates remain at historic lows, meaning yields and cash flows may be lower than previous expectations. Meanwhile, the population is more active, focused on nutrition and exercise, and living longer. Many of our wealth plans have transformed to prepare clients for this irreversible trend that will result in higher long term care needs and investment portfolios needing to last longer into retirement than previous generations.

Our team is dedicated to finding the solutions to meet your unique needs. While most advisors and teams are focused on marketing and finding new clients, our team is 100% dedicated to our existing trusted and coveted relationships. There is virtually no greater honor or responsibility than managing someone else's money. That is why our team comes to work every day with a passion to uncover investment opportunities, create strategies, and implement long term generational wealth plans to meet the needs of our high net worth clients.


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